Unemployment Appeals

In Illinois, employees are eligible to receive Unemployment Benefits if they are out of work or suffer a significant decrease of hours through no fault of their own. While each situation is unique, and can vary based on the involved facts, typically if you are fired or laid off by your employer, you will be eligible for benefits unless you are accused of misconduct. Even if you quit or resign, you may be eligible for benefits, depending on the facts of your situation.

Initially, discharged employees file unemployment at their local office and receive a determination from a local investigator. However, once the local office has rendered their decision, it is not always final. The party that was ruled against (an employee that was denied benefits or an employer that was required to pay benefits) can appeal the decision to a hearing officer. If you lose an appeal of benefits that you have already started to receive, you may be required to repay those benefits to the State.

The attorneys from Jensen Law Office, LLC represent those people going through the appeal process by assisting in their preparation for the appeal hearing, identifying and interviewing witnesses as needed, reviewing documentation, and providing legal counsel through the appeal hearing and any further proceedings. Please contact Jensen Law Office, LLC as early in the appeal process as possible to allow for preparation time for these court-like hearings.